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The most popular request for eyebrow tattooing is the individual hair strokes, this always give the most subtle and natural look to your brows. Using a very precise tattoo technique Shelby is able to create perfect hair strokes that look exactly like little hairs in your skin. Shelby specialises in micro blading eyebrows creating the perfect undetectable hair stokes that just look like natural hair. Matching the colour of the pigment perfectly with your hair is essential to creating the perfect natural looking fuller brow. Eyebrow hair stoke tattooing is a semi-permanent tattoo and should last between 1-2 years depending on various factors. Book in to see Shelby for your Hair stroke Eyebrow Tattooing Gold Coast, Townsville or Melbourne.



Using a highly digitalised machine to perfect a beautiful eyeliner is essential for outlining and enhancing your eye shape. Eyeliner can be done with a dark brown, a deep black, a beautiful charcoal colour or a colour of your choice to create the perfect enhancement for your eyes. Eyeliner usually lasts the longest out of all cosmetic tattooing being a darker pigment, normally the pigment lasts between 2-4 years depending on various factors.


Full LIPS $895 | Lip line & Blend $850

Using a highly digitalised machine, Shelby is able to outline and fill in your lips giving you volume and a more defined outline to your lip line. As we get older most people find their lip line fades, cosmetic tattooing is perfect for outlining your lips  and bringing back that youthful lip you once had.



A beauty spot is a beautiful way to bring people’s attention to a certain area of the face you like best, if you have large eyes a beauty spot near the eye looks incredible. Or if you have beautiful pouty lips a Monroe can also enhance this area. A beauty spot does not have to be large or dark in colour you can make it the same size as a freckle. Shelby can even enhance a natural freckle and make it more defined.



Shelby has been trained in medical tattooing, all medical tattooing requires a full consultation and test patch prior to procedure to ensure your area of issue is suitable for medical tattooing. As a lot of medical tattooing is on scar tissue it is essential to do the tattooing slowly and over several weeks to ensure the skin is not over worked. Shelby can create beautiful areolas for woman who have had a double mastectomy or even for men and woman who are simply unhappy with the aesthetic appearance of their areolas. Shelby can also improve the look of self-harm scars as well as deep purple and colourless/white scars. Shelby can do a lot of different techniques within the medical tattooing field, if you have an issue and aren’t sure if cosmetic tattooing could help you feel free to come in for a consultation.


All prices include one perfecting session 4 weeks after initial treatment.

I look forward to speaking with you and creating the perfect Eyeliner, Lips, Feather Hair stroke Eyebrow Tattooing - Gold Coast, Townsville or Melbourne.